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Sleepers Vineyard .





Kekerengu Cottage
Activities, Attractions and Local Links


Coastal walks and views.

Kekerengu local store The Store: Closed temporarily.
Licensed Cafe - Restaurant. Open 7 days for breakfast and lunch, just five minutes walk from Kekerengu Cottage.

Seals Seals: There are seals seen all along our coast and can be viewed with a walk along the kekerengu beach

links Ward beach walk see the unplift impacted from 2016 Novmeber's earthquake.

linksAwatere Golf Club

rafting Rafting: Full day trip with lunch available or half day trip

Kekerengu River
Follow the river for an interesting walk to the beach or up the valley.

Benmore Sleepers Vineyard.
Bicycle: There are two bikes with helmets for your use to enjoy the vineyard and the valley beyond.

linksDuck feeding
Vineyard Tour: Taken around and shown different grape varieties and views of vineyard.
Romantic Dinner for two can be arranged. From recent movie set

linksyealndsYealands Estate



State Highway 1 to Kaikoura is closed but you can be collected by helicoptor from our proptery or fly to Kaikoura from a near by airstrip, we can get pricing for you.
You will get good veiws of the impact of the earthquake on the coastline. Once in kaikoura all the following are available.


Heli Whale Whales by helicopter:

Dive Kaikoura

Dolphin Swim Swim with dolphins:

Maori Tour Maori tours

Whale Watching Whales by boat:






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