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Kekerengu Station
History ~ past and present  

Old photos of Kekerengu Station Old photos of Kekerengu StationOld photos of Kekerengu Station


In the 1850s Kekerengu was no more than marsh valley and fern and bush covered hills.
  Not until  Joseph Tetley decided to settle here from England and start clearing the valley did the river start to flow,  and a dream was born.
An "English" village was established at Kekerengu by Tetley who purchased an 80 acre property known then as Mad Cap Flats.

By the late 1860s his holdings extended to some 94,000 acres.
 "This year we will export more wool than anyone else in the  Marlborough province." 
- was written in one of his many letters back home.
 Of the station buildings two of the cobs built in the early 1860s  are still standing here at Sleepers Vineyard,
By 1886 wool price fell, Tetley was in financial trouble and, owing 66,000 Pounds, he fled the country for Uruguay.
  The Kekerengu Station was sold and was ultimately split into smaller holdings.

Both Cobs now are fully restored.
  ~ the former Kekerengu Station Head shepherd's cottage
is where our tasting room and cellar door is found.

 ~ the former Kekerengu Station Dining Room/Bunkhouse,
which could sleep up to 36 shearers; This is now used for our Candle lit food pairing expereriance.

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